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The Littlest Inventor is a brilliantly colored picture book featuring a smart, sensitive boy with sensory issues. These issues make it challenging to experience something most of us have no problem with, like a simple trip to the grocery store. But, by being both self-aware and proactive, the Littlest Inventor can help himself succeed in the very task he finds most difficult. He invents his own resources and tools to make the trip fun! For those with sensory processing disorder, life can often be overwhelming. But, when equipped with knowledge to help ourselves and confidence to be ourselves, life becomes not just manageable, but enjoyable. “There needs to be more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do.” – Dr. Temple Grandin

The littlest inventor went to the store. It was crowded and loud, the shopping list a bore. The loud noises were too loud, the lights too bright, adrenaline pumping, fight or flight. He thought he couldn't handle convention when he decided - hey! I'll make an invention!